Barbie Botox goes viral: What to know about the neck-slimming plastic surgery trend

“Life in plastic” is trending.

The newest Barbie-inspired trend has made its way into the world of cosmetic surgery, as people are raving over what’s been nicknamed “Barbie Botox.”

The cosmetic procedure, medically known as trapezius Botox or “traptox,” is administered for a variety of reasons, but what’s most appealing to the public is its neck-slimming impacts.

American Society of Plastic Surgeons national spokesperson Dr. Barry Weintraub revealed how wildly popular the procedure has become in an interview with Fox News Digital.

“It’s trending now,” he said.

“I’m getting patients almost every day asking for it. Matter of fact, I just injected my fiancé yesterday.”

The Manhattan-based plastic surgeon said the injection stops the trap muscle from contracting, which slenderizes the neck and mimics the figure of a Barbie doll.

In addition to resulting in a slimmer neck, traptox has also been proven to relieve neck pain and headaches.

Weintraub described the trapezius muscle behind the neck and back as a “giant triangle” that extends from the shoulders to the spine and inserts into the base of the skull.

With the Barbie Botox procedure, an amount of Botox is injected into this muscle, which relieves pain and muscle spasms.

The procedure involves three injections of Botox into the trap muscle on each side between the shoulder and the neck.

Results kick in about “four or five” days after the procedure, according to Weintraub.

“If it’s pain they’re looking to remove or [if they want] to slenderize the neck, this is the right procedure,” he said.

Barbie Botox isn’t just trending due to its name but because it actually works, said Weintraub.

“It’s simple — done in the office in a procedure room,” he said. “And there’s no downtime. There are no other instructions after.”

The Barbie Botox procedure in Weintraub’s office costs $2,000 since it takes “a lot of Botox” to cover such a big muscle, the doctor said.

“It’s not like tiny areas of the face, crow’s feet, frowns,” he said. “It’s a big bulky muscle.”

“I think it’s a terrific addition to all the other [procedures] we have.”

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