‘Embarrassed’ Woman Shares Epic Fail She Made With the Army at the Airport

Finding the perfect airport outfit can be a challenge, but when one woman picked out an old cargo jacket to wear, she wasn’t expecting to coordinate with some actual service men and women.

Niamh Murray, 22, was waiting in a café at Shannon Airport, Republic of Ireland, for her flight to Marseille, France. As she started to notice people glancing towards her, she couldn’t understand why there were so many eyes laid on her. After seeing the military service men and women walking into the café, the reason for all the staring dawned on Murray, leaving her feeling embarrassed to be unintentionally matching the army uniforms.

Murray, from Kilkee, Republic of Ireland, told Newsweek: “I noticed there were a lot of service men and women around, and I thought they were just refueling. But I wondered why they were looking at me.

“Then I looked at my jacket and realized that’s what they were looking at. They were staring, so I took the jacket off, so that I didn’t look like one of them.”

Even if she had have kept the jacket on, Murray would have looked different to the military men and women because she had styled hers with jeans for a casual outfit. But Murray didn’t want to garner any further attention, so she chose to remove it entirely.

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On October 1, Murray posted the video on her TikTok account, under the username @niamhm123z, and it has been viewed almost 600,000 times. Social-media users can’t get enough of Murray’s unintentional coordination, which is why the post has also received more than 12,800 likes since going viral.

Speaking about the reaction she has received online, Murray said that it’s been crazy to see so many views and likes on her post.

“I only posted it as a video showing classic me to go into an airport wearing the same thing as them,” Murray added. “I was kind of off TikTok because I didn’t use it as much, but I clicked it and saw all the notifications pop up, and I thought, wow that got a reaction.”

Many TikTok users have commented on the post already, with one person joking that Murray’s jacket offered her the “perfect camouflage.” Murray wasn’t so sure about that, as she replied: “I wish I could have [hidden].”

Another comment on the video reads: “my imposter syndrome could not.”

“Girl you sat at the wrong table,” posted one TikTok user.

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