Ex-Connecticut cop suspected of being ‘serial burglar’ behind 30 thefts in 3 states

A former Connecticut cop is accused of being a “serial burglar” believed to have committed at least 30 thefts in three different states.

Patrick Hemingway, who resigned from the Glastonbury Police Department on Sept. 1, is suspected of targeting restaurants and businesses in the Constitution State as well as Rhode Island and Massachusetts, according to a recently unsealed warrant.

Some of the crimes happened in Glastonbury between February and June of this year, while Hemingway was an officer there, according to reports.

Hemingway joined the Glastonbury force in 2019 and before that was an officer in New Britain, starting in 2009.

Surveillance footage shows a person resembling Hemingway and the deftness in which the crime was committed signaling law enforcement experience.

The suspected burglar is seen holding a flashlight “in a tactical manner,” using an FBI technique, and holding “a coiled, corded object to his left ear,” like the portable radios used in the Glastonbury Police Department, according to the warrant.

The warrant also stated that the ex-cop left behind a bag with lock-picking tools at the police department when he resigned. Such tools were used in some of the burglaries. A Jeep similar to Hemingway’s wife’s was also seen at multiple sites where the crimes took place.

Hemingway was charged last month with computer crimes and making a false statement.

A judge set his bail at $1 million, noting that he has a pilot’s license and could flee.

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