Filson & Chris Stapleton Just Dropped a Road-Ready Travel Collection

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Ruggedly handsome, stylishly understated, road-ready, and honey-tongued. These words perfectly apply to both celebrated American singer-songwriter and musician Chris Stapleton and to the new Stapleton-inspired Traveller Collection of bags created by Filson. You may be wondering why a collaboration between the award-winning country music sensation and the 126-year-old purveyor of rugged gear and apparel makes any sense in the first place. Actually, there are so many reasons this is the perfect collab between style and lifestyle, influenced by great music.

First, both Stapleton and Filson are oft associated with travel, the former primarily thanks to his multi-platinum 2015 album Traveller—the latter because Filson traces its roots back to equipping and clothing gold prospectors as they moved Out West, traveling all the way to Alaska in the hopes of striking it rich.

Second, both Filson and Stapleton are known for a rugged, understated style; for the singer, that comes across in the form of his usual outfit of a blazer and a button down, offset by a straw cowboy hat. For Filson, it’s embodied by its garments like the Tin Cloth Short-Lined Cruiser Jacket, a piece that looks so good in its refined and elegant simplicity that it keeps you warm and repels water, which is just icing on the cake.

Third, Stapleton states that he has been wearing Filson clothes and using Filson gear since his youth, which makes this a pretty cool, full circle, childhood wish-fulfillment situation.

Finally, both Filson and Stapleton are just so damn quintessentially American. You saw the singer’s rendition of the National Anthem at the Super Bowl, right?

Filson and Chris Stapleton Traveller Collection

The Filson and Chris Stapleton Traveller Collection rolled out five bags and a t-shirt that sports the Chris and Morgane Stapleton’s Outlaw State of Kind charity logo. The Traveller Collection includes the Traveller Outfitter Bag, a perfect overnighter or weekend bag; the Traveller Stowaway Backpack, which can indeed be packed down and stowed away; the Traveller Dopp Kit, which is, well, it’s a dopp kit—a handsome one, to be sure; the Traveller Medium Duffle Bag, which could be used for travel lasting a few days and the Traveller Suit Cover, which will have your blazers and button downs looking sharp when you arrive wherever you’re going.

Crafted in dark cotton twill, the bags boast high-quality, hand-worked leather and sport bold yellow detailing along the zippers (a detail Stapleton himself was adamant about) with reinforced stitching and durable construction that mean, like so many Filson products, these bags are, in the words of the singer himself, “meant to outlive us all.” Don’t miss your chance to grab a piece of classic American travel gear that’ll stand the test of time.

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