German driver erupts in anger as he slaps and grabs radical climate protester blocking road in Berlin

A German driver erupted in anger and slapped a protester after radical climate activists blocked the road in Berlin. 

The video was shared by climate activists from the Letzte Generation – “The Last Generation” – who have been staging protests, blocking major roads and highways and even causing airplane delays. 

“We are all part of the last generation who still has the chance to stop the complete ecological collapse of Earth, regardless of whether we want it or not,” the Letzte Generation said. “We come together and offer resolute non-violent resistance to the fossil-fuel madness happening in our present. We are society’s will to survive! We still have two to three years in which we can divert from the path of the fossil-fuel led annihilation.”

The climate protesters were blocking a road in Berlin on Sept. 25 when a man exited a blue vehicle that was being blocked. The man went up to one of the protesters sitting in the road and was yelling. The man slapped off what appeared to be the protester’s sunglasses and then grabbed the protester.

Police said there has been a sharp uptick in attacks on protesters over the past year. 

The environmental protesters, who wear a uniform of orange vests, have worn down the public’s patience after the frequent delays – some lasting hours. The activists have used adhesive resin requiring emergency responders to remove the cement underneath to extract their hands from the road. 

In August, in Munich, Germany, a driver pushed climate activists hundreds of feet along the road after they refused to get out of the way of incoming traffic. 

In July, a woman in Germany grabbed one of the climate protesters by the hair and dragged her to the side of the road. The woman was later dubbed a “brutal blonde” by European media. The activist was lightly injured in the altercation. 

Around the same time period, a 41-year-old trucker in Germany got into a brutal confrontation with radical climate protesters, dragging them each to the side of the road and later dragging a protester forward using his vehicle. 

In May, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz called the group’s tactic to glue themselves to the road “completely nutty.”

At one point activists associated with the group glued their hands to at airplane runways, causing major delays at two airports. 

“The Last Generation aren’t protecting the climate, they’re engaged in criminal activity,” Minister of Digital Affairs and Transport of Germany, Volker Wissing, said. 

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