‘Love Is Blind’ Stars Paige & Josh Got Engaged Off-Camera In Season 5

By this point in Love Is Blind’s tenure, fans know what’s not shown is often as important as what makes it to air. From unseen engagements to cast connections not revealed until the *perfect* cliffhanger moment, Netflix’s flagship dating show keeps a lot in the vault.

Now, two Season 5 contestants are sharing their engagement story on social media. According to a shared Instagram post, Paige Tillman and Josh Simmons connected quickly when they met in the latest installment.

They were each other’s first pod dates, Paige captioned a montage of their relationship, and the connection was mutual from Day 1. “Our story is filled with love, beautiful moments, and happiness with no drama,” she continued. “After the show we stayed engaged and even planned our wedding.”

The pair “fell deeply in love,” the stylist shared, but they ultimately learned they had different life goals and decided to end their engagement. However, Paige concluded the post by expressing her gratitude for the show — saying the pair would do the Love Is Blind experiment “all over again” if they could.

It’s unclear why Love Is Blind didn’t follow Paige and Josh’s story. However, creator Chris Coelen has been open about making these kinds of decisions every year. “Each season, there are lots of stories that we don’t tell, regardless of whether couples get engaged or not,” he recently told Variety, describing the process as a “little bit of a judgment call.”

Without mentioning anyone by name, Coelen also confirmed that “multiple” engagements didn’t make it to air this time. (Fans have speculated that Renee Poche and Carter Wall might have been another.)

Paige did note that there was “no drama” in her engagement, which could theoretically play a part in her storyline being cut. After all, drama is a big part of the reality series. Coelen addressed that line of thinking in a People interview earlier this year.

“That is what you would think,” he acknowledged, “But I think what makes good TV is authenticity. That’s what, to me, is most compelling.” The creator also said contestants are aware the show may not feature them; therefore, no one should be too disappointed. Fans, on the other hand, may miss seeing another couple’s love story unfold.

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