Mr. T Sparks MAGA Fury After Getting COVID Shot: ‘Pity the Fool’

Footage of Mr. T receiving a flu shot and COVID-19 booster jab has caused uproar online, with MAGA (Make American Great Again) supporters slamming the actor on social media.

On September 28, the 71-year-old A-Team star posted a clip of himself getting the shots to X, the social network formerly known as Twitter.

“Hey everybody, it’s Mr T., I’m about to get my COVID vaccine booster shot,” he says in the video, seemingly filmed in the waiting room at a medical facility.

“I’m in my Sketchers, yes,” he continues, pointing at his red trainers. “I do everything in Sketchers. I get healthy in Sketchers.”

“You heard me, get your vaccination booster,” he says, before making a “grrrrr” sound and flexing his arm.

The clip then jumps to footage of him receiving the jab. As the medical professional injects the vaccine into his arm, Mr. T turns and smiles at the camera while nodding his head.

“I just got my Flu shot and COVID-19 Booster Vaccine!,” he wrote alongside the video. “I feel great, thanks again to all the Doctors and Nurses on the front line! #stayinghealthy #IPityTheFool.”

Since being shared, the post has received more than 2 million views, but Mr. T’s promotion of vaccines does not seem to have gone down well with Donald Trump supporters and anti-vaxxers.

“OMG, @MrT has turned into a Covid Cult snowflake,” commented MAGA fan Vince Langman.

“I pity the fool who trusts Big Pharma,” said Keri Smith, referencing Mr T.’s character James “Clubber” Lang’s catchphrase from the movie Rocky III.

“How much mercury and aluminum just went into your body? We need to start asking questions like these,” said Cari Kelemen, who has a photo of Trump as her profile header image.

“I wonder how big the cheque was[?],” wrote English Gammon.

“Imagine having a career that has fallen so much that your claim to fame is now getting a vaccine booster lol,” said @GayRepublicSwag.

“Dang man I’ve loved watching as I grew up. A very sad day for me,” commented Jason Gallagher, who describes himself as “Ultra MAGA” in his bio.

Others praised Mr T.—born Laurence Tureaud in Chicago in 1952—for getting vaccinated, with Sarah O’Connell calling him “legendary.”

“My heart swells three times its size with pride!” said Dr. Fill.

“It’s very kind of you to thank the healthcare professionals. You have always been a class act,” wrote Kimberly, while Zoey said: “We love you Mr. T!”

Mr T. isn’t the only celebrity to receive backlash for posting about the COVID-19 vaccine. After becoming the face of Pfizer‘s latest ad campaign, Kansas Cheifs’ tight end Travis Kelce was subject to trolling online, with conservative commentator Tomi Lahren chiming in.

“Is this what happens when you date Taylor Swift?” the 31-year-old posted to X, alongside a clip of the commercial. The Fox News contributor was referencing the football star’s reported relationship with the singer who is an outspoken Democrat, while Christian commentator Morgan Ariel said the rumored couple should be “executed” for using their fame to push vaccines.

Newsweek has reached out to Mr T. for comment via email.

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