Sarah Silverman Tears Into ‘World’s Oldest Nepo Baby’ RFK Jr.

Sarah Silverman kicked off her return to The Daily Show on Monday by sharing the terrifying news that an early poll has Joe Biden lagging behind Donald Trump in the 2024 presidential election. On Tuesday night, she stoked the political fires once again by reporting that the election could actually be a three-way race—between Biden, Trump, and Robert F. Kennedy Jr..

“Which is definitely the worst three-way a Kennedy has ever been a part of,” noted Silverman.

If Kennedy sticks with his Independent run, experts are predicting that he could capture 24 percent of the vote—which isn’t very far behind where Trump (35 percent) and Biden (33 percent) are currently polling. The biggest fear isn’t necessarily that Kennedy will be elected (though stranger things have happened), but that his impressive piece of the political pie will pull millions of votes that would otherwise go to either Trump or Biden.

“If he gets 24 percent in the election, it would be the best showing for a third-party candidate since Teddy Roosevelt,” Silverman explained, adding: “And because RFK is anti-vaxx, it would be the best showing for polio since Franklin Roosevelt.”

Silverman couldn’t ignore how historic a moment this could become if Kennedy were elected president. “America could set the record for indeed hiring the world’s oldest Nepo baby,” said Silverman.

While Kennedy has long been in the spotlight, the newest iteration of himself is a far cry from how we first got to know the Kennedy scion. Silverman was more blunt about RFK’s reputation when she called him “crazy,” adding, “And not like Trump crazy… RFK is so boring, you gotta be talking for 20 minutes before you realize he just said ‘pesticides make people trans.’”

Silverman lamented the fact that she used to like RFK Jr.—“back when he was the clean water guy. Why couldn’t we get that RFK? Getting this RFK is like getting Giuliani post-sideburn drip.”

Kennedy’s own family members—all of them part of one of America’s most storied Democratic dynasties in the country’s history—have slammed their brother’s decision to run as an Independent.

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