Tom Brady, Paris Hilton, Snoop Dogg and Kendall Jenner change their names for AI

On Sept. 27-28, Meta rolled out the red carpet at Meta Connect 2023, an event focused on the future of the metaverse, a shared virtual space where people can interact with each other and digital content. 

The big reveal was “Meta AI,” a new generative AI assistant powered by Meta’s own recipe of a large language model, Llama 2. 

Meta AI lets you chat with different AIs, each with their own personality and interests. They are original characters created by Meta’s AI team. You can ask them questions, get recommendations or just have fun conversations with them. 

Meta AI is continuously updated with new data from the web. These chatbots are able to access data from the internet via the Bing search engine. 

How to chat with Meta AI 

Meta AI is already available in beta for some people in the U.S. and is coming to Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses and Quest 3. You can chat one on one or message in group chats. To start chatting with an AI, you’ll need to start a new chat in Instagram, Messenger or WhatsApp and request early access to join the waitlist. Here’s how you request early access: 

Open Messenger 

Click the square “compose” box in the upper right-hand corner of your screen 

Click the “AI chat” row to get early access 

Request early access 

Meta will let you know when you’re in. 

There is a warning that pops up when you begin your AI chat that says, “Messages are generated by AI. Some may be inaccurate or inappropriate.”  Imagine if you read a warning sign like that while waiting to see a doctor.  Does proclaiming AI results as potentially wrong and offensive ahead of time make it OK to produce shoddy results?

Kurt’s key takeaways 

In what could appear as desperation to make Meta AI relevant in a world that seems to have passed it by, Meta is hiring celebrities to be the face of AI. Notable celebrities like Tom Brady, Paris Hilton, Snoop Dogg and Kendall Jenner have embraced their digital alter egos, marking this innovative stride toward enriching user engagement with AI. What this will mean for increased adoption of AI is yet to be seen. 

What do you think about the future of AI? Does putting the face of a celeb on it make you more likely to embrace it?  Let us know by writing us at 

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