Travis Kelce’s Mom Was Underwhelmed About Meeting Taylor Swift

Paging Travis Kelce—your mom thinks meeting your new girlfriend was just “OK.”

At least that is how Donna Kelce responded to a question about her Taylor Swift experience from Today show hosts Hoda Kotb and Savannah Guthrie on Friday morning.

“Ah, yeah it’s, you know—it’s fairly new,” Donna Kelce answered. “So I don’t like to talk about it. It’s just one of those things where, you know, obviously everybody saw me. I was in the box with her and yeah, it’s just, er, you know, another thing that’s amped up my life.”

Clearly keen to return to less headline-generating subjects, she remained resolutely unforthcoming about the musical superstar even under further questioning. “What was she like?” Guthrie pressed, noting that Kelce had met Swift at “a couple games.” “So how was it?” Guthrie asked.

“It was OK,” Kelce answered, maintaining her fortress-like firmness. Kotb then took another crack. “We’ve both met her and she’s—we’ve always sort of just been delighted by her way.” But delight came there none. “Yeah. Yeah…” Kelce answered, looking increasingly uncomfortable at the hosts’ importuning.

“Did Travis say: ‘Mom, if you get on the Today show and start spilling the beans…’? Did you get a little warning?” Guthrie asked.

“It’s not so much a warning,” Donna Kelce said. “It’s his personal life. And, you know, I’ll talk about my life, and when the kids were little and I was with them. But you know, they’re men now, and they’ve got their own lives and they’re isn’t a man alive that’s gonna talk to their mom about their personal life. It’s just not gonna happen.”

The painful exchange came after Kelce—who is also the mother of Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce—spoke about her partnership with a snack company and also bizarrely gave the show’s hosts cookies in a Tupperware container. “It’s my recipe, but I have to admit they baked them here,” Donna Kelce said, apparently referring to the Today show’s production crew.

Harboring misgivings about the Swift-Kelce craze while simultaneously adding to the nation’s favorite discourse seemingly runs in the Kelce family. Travis Kelce was asked about his “opinion on how the NFL is treating celebrities at games” by his brother on their New Heights podcast earlier this week. He answered that the league is “overdoing it a little bit, for sure—especially my situation.”

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