Yankees GM Brian Cashman defends team’s process in expletive-filled rant: ‘I think we’re pretty f—ing good’

New York Yankees GM Brian Cashman had the time Tuesday to fire back at critics following one of the team’s worst years in recent memory. 

The Yankees were 82-80 last season — a winning record but a total disaster for their standards. Owner Hal Steinbrenner said earlier on Tuesday that the season was “awful” and “the fans didn’t get anywhere close to what they deserve.”

Cashman took it a step further after Steinbrenner’s morning availability with reporters, defending his team and the front office that he oversees. 

“I think we have good baseball people, whether they’re pro scouts, whether they’re coaches, whether they’re the manager, whether they’re the general manager, whether they’re analytics guys. I think they’re good people,” Cashman explained confidently to a group of reporters, via SNY. “I’m getting permission requests all over the place. We just lost our bench coach to the Mets as a manager. I’ve got analytics guys trying to be poached to other clubs right now. Our player development program — not different than other places. But again, reinforcement that we got good people. 

“I’m proud of our people and I’m proud of our process. Doesn’t mean that we are firing on all cylinders, doesn’t mean we’re the best in class. But I think we’re pretty f—ing good personally and I’m proud of our people. I’m also looking forward to ’24 being a better year than ’23.”

Cashman also had words for critics who say the Yankees are too “driven” by analytics — a narrative that has swirled around the organization by fans and others despite the success that has been on the field. 

But, of course, World Series or bust is what the Yankees are all about, and they haven’t been to one since 2009. 

“People talk about we’re analytically-driven, right? We have the smallest analytics department in the American League East,” Cashman said matter of fact. “That a shocker to you guys? We have the largest pro scouting department in all of baseball. Is that a shocker to everybody? Shouldn’t be. But no one’s doing their deep dives, they’re just throwing ammunition and bulls— and accusing us of being run analytically. 

“Analytics is an important spoke in wheel. It should be in everybody’s wheel and it usually is an important spoke in every operation that’s having success. There’s not one team that’s not using it. We’re no different. To be said we’re guided by analytics as a driver, it’s a lie. But that’s what people want to say. I know I can’t change that narrative. All I can continue to say is it’s bulls— and not true.” 

Cashman also touched on another narrative that has come up in recent seasons: His free agent signings are flopping in New York. He mentioned players like Joey Gallo and Sonny Gray, who did not pan out well in the Bronx at all, but have done better elsewhere. 

“I get a kick out of how all of a sudden it’s decisions about players that are really good Major League Baseball players, or potentially helping Major League Baseball players, and we’re dumb for getting them and other people are not dumb,” he explained. “Bottom line, it just comes down to winning or losing. That’s what it’s all about. We lost way too many games than we should’ve lost last year. That’s my fault. I’m responsible for the baseball operations as GM. The owner wants to tag me out at any time, clearly he can do that. He demanded us to do self-reflection.”

That self-reflection will be crucial for Cashman and the front office this offseason, as it looks to make this season a one-and-done anomaly. Cashman mentioned needing two outfielders this offseason as well as reinforcing the pitching staff, which the Yankees seem to always want to do. 

And as always, Cashman’s moves will be analyzed with a fine-toothed comb, one fans will continue to do as long as the Yankees’ World Series count doesn’t move to No. 28. 

“I’ve been here with the Yankees for a long time,” Cashman said. “Whether that’s a good thing for our fans or perceptions or not. I’m proud of our operations. I think we have a great group of baseball people. I think we have a very strong process that has served us well up until what happened this particular season.

“I don’t like losing. I don’t like not making the playoffs. Our fans deserve better. Our owner deserves better. So we’re back trying to figure it out.”

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